Monday, 18 April 2011

Afta a Week using ZTE V9 Light Tablet...

My opinion is...for a basic user n whom are new to android....its quite good enuf for u guys...but somehow its not gonna work in a long term basic for me...y?

-The touch screen sensitivity isnt dat good (especially if u have an oily finger)
-I dont think ZTE V9 Light Tablet gonna have a AOSP Rom (custom rom)
-The processor speed is 600Mhz, its kinda lagging
-The original lockscreen, made by ZTE maybe..its UGLY!!!!!!!!

its weird...LOL~

-Since its a tablet...when u wanna make a call or answer, u gonna use the hands free or loud speaker (aint good if surrounding is noisy)
-i ll give 2.5 out 5 star
-if u still wanna buy it...its up to u guys..afta all its all my own opinion

I think based on the price on the market and its spec..its shud be cheaper i think...since mine is wat eva...i just let my dad use it....

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