Tuesday, 31 May 2011

CM7 Nightly Build 88 + Goodies :)

HTC Desire normal density is 240
After is use Root Tools..I change it to 200 (see da 200??)

ROM~CM7 Nightly Built 88..HERE
ADW Launcher EX V1.3.3...HERE

My current OS is...CM7 Nighly Built 88...GB 2.3.4...waiting for da latest release... :) I <3 CM Rom

In the latest version of ADWex...the dev of this apps add the looping effect...and also a little bit change how to change the icon, dock and also themes.

I would like u guys to try Absolute System for changing ur fonts, got lots of choice..also boot animations...try it...n I really love this app...make my life easier.. :)

Not to forget...Root Tools change the LCD make ur phone look more mine...

Good Luck in changing ur phone looks..

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