Saturday, 21 May 2011

Screenshot from 18th May

Its been a while since i put up a post regarding android, we go...just finish my final exam luck 4 me :) n yeah...i luv my desire

I'm still using ADW Launcher Ex v 1.3.3 ( comes with the looping features, and also a lil bit different in the themes area compare to the v1.1) I <3 adw ex

Using Cyanmodgen Rom for Desire v 7.0.3 GB 2.3.3 n CM rom still doesnt have da GB 2.3.4, idk why....cause oxygen rom and redux rom, they both already use the GB 2.3.4 source...i wonder myb there are still bug in 2.3.4..who knows, im not a dev :) still waiting patiently thou~

Not to forgot, since CM official didnt support a2sd function, just install the s2e app in mine :)

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