Monday, 4 July 2011

HTC official GB update for HTC Desire?

HTC says that the development of GB update for HTC Desire is currently in the testing phase...yeah right..

A few weeks back, they said that they wont release a GB update to HTC Desire because they say that Desire didn't have enough RAM to accommodate both GB n Sense UI...duhhhh...just remove some crap apps from the ROM...will it use 3.0 sense?or 2.3 sense?

But, after they got feedbacks from users, whom im sure mad by the statement, so they change their mind and said that they will release a GB update for our beloved HTC Desire :) by cutting come crap apps, they didn't tell what apps exactly they will remove..

I don't really care about the official update by htc cause i have been using AOSP rom since da first day i got my hands on my i care bout the official update :)

Just cut da crap n tried dis rom..its a GB rom with 3.0 and here myself never tried this rom cause i didnt like da sense ui... :))

but still...on the behalf of other users of HTC Desire...don't simply decide to stop the dev of GB update for older phones models without getting da feedback first...

Spread the android luv~ :))))))

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