Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Reason of lack of updates :) and ICS

sorry for da lacks of updates guys...been busy with my study,life and work (yeah..freelance)

anyway...i'll start updating as usual...last month been chaos all around da world regarding the latest android version 4.0...ICS (ice cream sandwich) n so i have been following couples of dev regarding the ICS port to my i ll give u da link to see it for yourself...

n for ZTE seem dev at Cyanogen also working to port ICS to our freaking cheap tablet...but its kinda lagging course of the hardware acceleration...since v9 is kinda low end tablet...anyway...keep hoping n wish all da dev work with their magic n us da end user will happy..

ICS build for SGS2 ==>
ICS status for V9 ==>

owh..i forgot..ICS also will come to various device..keep following here at XDA forum =>

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