Thursday, 26 January 2012

Back to GB from ICS :)

CM9 still haven't fully stable yet...and I wouldn't recommend it for daily use
But there are other ports based on ICS leaks by it on XDA :)
Latest leak is XXL6

Hope that it will be done in February...


So, I'm reverting back to GB based option are CM7 n Oxygen Rom
I'm really NOT a fan of sammy rom... :) y bother...hahaha

CyanogenMod 7 [For SGSII only] (unofficial port) -HERE

Oxygen Rom - HERE

List of Devices that this rom supported
-Galaxy Nexus One
-Samsung Nexus S
-HTC Desire
-Samsung Galaxy S II more thing...
I will no longer update any news regard ZTE V9 Light..since I don't have mine no more :(
But..I'll try to answer and keep the post regarding ZTE V9..

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