Monday, 12 November 2012

New Screenies :)

Icons - Phoney Icons (Playstore)
Widget - Zooper (Playstore)
Wallpaper - Bae Suzy *Miss A (new found  Love  :p )

Icon - RoundGlassBlue (Playstore)
Widget - One More Clock (Playstore)
Wallpaper - Bae Suzy *Miss A 

CM 10 Latest Nightly
CM10 Themes - PopStyle (Playstore)
If need anything from my set tell me..and I will provide the donwload links..tq


Mubarak.Kotadiya said...

I need help for my Hipstreet Titan HS-7TB4-4BNDL with WiFi 7" Touchscreen Tablet PC
It is two month old which I brougth it from walmart canada.It is in warranty in canada .I live in mumbai and need to rectify the tablet problem here,let me known if you can guide for reinstalling ICS 4.03 into my tablet.
My problem is as follow:
I uninstall some apps from the tablet like (app installer,Sitting,System UI ,Packet installer,Etc) and the next Boot when I turned it on, it quitted booting and the screen froze with the HIP-STREET still in the center of the screen than going blank.
I had tried a lot of ways to make it boot again including hard power off (pressing the power button for more than 5 seconds), reset the device (pushing a small pin to the small hole at the side of the screen, there are 2 holes: one for microphone and the other for reset button,try to press combinations of various keys I can find on the tablet pc. They all failed to fix this Problem.I searched google and read a lot of forum posts but find no solutions to my problem.

email me

Thanking YOU.

Hariz Iskandar (hariz9511) said...

sorry for the late reply..

you should have uninstall the apps u mantioned ((app installer,Sitting,System UI ,Packet installer) these are very important to keep your tablet running, plus..System.UI is a MUST to run ur tablet...

i can only suggest u to found a way to boot into recovery mode and make a factory reset through recovery, only that can save it..

im not sure how to get into recovery mode for hipstreet, but u can always try some of the button, example (volume + & home), do try some other key combination until u can boot into recovery mode...

for your reminder, do learn which apps is save to uninstall and which aren't

hope this will help