Monday, 9 December 2013

Shit...It's KitKat 4.4.1

as the title says..its already android 4.4.1..and u are using which one?what device u r using now?
this year..kinda't change my'll keep using my S3

using OMNI ROM+Nova Launcher+Umbra Icon Pack

OMNI ROM download here -download-

Things u would need to flash together with this rom

patched google play installer 
(apk file..just install as normal apps, but need superuser access to replace the original playstore.apk)

nova launcher premium 

core for 4.4 (without crap) (for root, cause I didnt find superuser in this rom..not sure why)


do see whether ur device is support or not

*this rom kinda lacking CM extra does have its own awesomeness, give it a try 1st

p/s: some apps still got bug with kitkat..if u can live without some app features ex. wechat, go on

u guys can always email me if got any question or need my help, 
wechat: hariz_isk, BBM: 7458213C, or wanna whatsapp?hehe

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